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What’s involved in the cleanse?

We’re not going to be hardcore detoxing during your holiday, so don’t worry about feeling deprived. In fact, our guests would agree they felt full of energy by the time they left our premises. The cleanse (as we like to refer to it) works on 2 different levels:  
  1. Physical body
We eliminate the ingestion of anything that puts our body in a toxic state (hence we give our bodies a break from constantly detoxing). At Bali Bliss Retreats, we believe that food consumed in its most natural state is not only good for us, but it can also be incredibly satisfying and delicious. You’ll take home some invaluable ideas on how to make small changes to your everyday diet rather than feeling overwhelmed and guilty for what you eat and drink. Our menu has been created in collaboration with Canadian raw food chef Seewah Russo. It is designed around wholefoods free from meat, dairy, wheat, preservatives, caffeine, sugar, hydrogenated oils and processed foods. We gently move our bodies everyday with dynamic yoga, surfing, swimming and other fun exercises that stoke our digestive system, whilst making sure we get plenty of R&R. You will also learn how to eat for a balanced Ayurvedic body constitution and practice ancient morning cleansing rituals such as neti potting, tongue scarping and oil pulling.  
  1. Mind & spirit
Our daily sunrise meditation will set the tone for each day and we’ll see ourselves progressing in our spiritual practice. The mind is distinctly connected with the body and where physical aches and pains reside, a healthy mind is absent. And vice versa. While giving our body a rest from toxic intake, we will take the opportunity to nourish and nurture our soul with new and exciting ways of looking at the world surrounding us. Our relationship with ourselves and those around us will be tested while we learn to love, trust and cherish the present moment as individuals and a community.

Will the food be enough?

While breakfast is plentiful, lunch is served buffet-style (all you can eat), afternoon tea and our 3 course dinner are nutritious and wholesome. You will have a fruit basket on arrival to snack on and you are welcome to order any extra items off the regular menu at the villas. We believe that the food we offer is ample, but it is up to the individual to determine if they need additional. Nobody has starved at Bali Bliss Retreats :-)

Can I have coffee or alcohol during the retreat?

While it is up to you as to how seriously you want to take your 5 day cleanse, we recommend leaving caffeine and alcohol aside for the duration of the retreat to be able to get the full benefit. If you get coffee headaches, by all means, rather have a cup than suffer for the course of your holiday. We let you be the judge, we’re all gown-ups right? But to mention this is not a Contiki holiday should be enough said.

Will you supply drinking water?

Yes, each villa as well as the yoga pavilion have water coolers installed and there is bottomless drinking water available at the restaurant as well. No need to buy water or risk drinking from the tap, nobody likes a Bali belly.

Are there any extra expenses I need to know about?

Your eat|play|surf packages are all-inclusive. However, if you would like to organise a trip to another beach, rent a motorbike, take a surfing lesson or book a treatment with the extraordinary Dr Tendon, we can arrange this (and lots of other adventures your heart desires) for you at an additional charge. Please let us know with some notice so we can ensure you get what you want when you want it and you’re happy!

Are there ATMs and how much money do I need?

There are ATMs within a short drive from the resort at Padang Padang, and it is not necessary to carry a lot of cash, also for your own safety and peace of mind. The resort, ATMs and many shops accept VISA or Mastercard. Bali’s currency, as for the rest of Indonesia, is IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). One US Dollar is roughly 10,000 Indonesian Rupiah. It is advisable to take $50 of your own currency and $50 in Rupiah with you. Otherwise you can draw money at the ATM outside the arrivals hall when you exit the airport in Denpasar.

What do I wear at the retreat in the tropical climate?

Our retreats are generally scheduled during shoulder season, where tropical humid weather conditions are dominant with a chance of showers at night. Although we do not expect too much rain, please bring some rain-proof equipment just in case. Light and comfortable clothing, yoga wear, swimwear, a sarong and flip flops you can wear to the beach, around the resort and to meditation classes. If you are planning a trip to the mountains, warm clothing is essential.

What time should my flight arrive?

Our program officially starts with a welcome at 3pm on day one. It is advisable you arrive at Denpasar Airport by 11am the latest so you don’t miss the welcome. It can take 2 to 3 hours to get through the airport, depending on how many flights arrive at the same time, immigration and customs get very busy. We will wait for you at the airport arrival hall, so don’t worry if it takes a while. From Denpasar airport to Uluwatu takes about 45 minutes, again depending on traffic. We will have to go though a bottle neck past Jimbaran where the roads get clogged up during rush hour. Our drivers know some back routes and quick passes, so you’re in good hands. After all, we want you to arrive with plenty of time to settle in, unpack, relax, take in the serenity of the Uluwatu cliff tops and the afternoon ocean breeze.

Will you pick me up from my hotel if I arrive a few days early?

Yes we will, however there will be an extra charge if we have to travel to any other location than Seminyak/Legian/Kuta/Jimbaran/Nusa Dua/Bukit.

What time should I book my return flight?

The program concludes at 12pm on day five and that is when we have to check out. Any flight from 3pm will be perfect. Many of our guests travelling to the east coast of Australia only leave on very late flights, in which case we recommend adding an afternoon in Seminyak (for shopping and spa treatments) or even Ubud (to visit the Monkey Forest and do more yoga) and asking to leave the luggage at a hotel for a small fee.

I am new to yoga, can I attend the retreat?

Yes please! We love crafting new yogis, getting people hooked and sharing our passion. The yoga styles we teach are gentle and for everyone. The great thing about yoga is that you can always take it at your own pace to get the return YOU want. It is recommended for your own confidence that you attend a couple of classes prior to the retreat so you get a rough idea of what to expect. Perhaps trying a yoga DVD at home will also do the trick. Look for Hatha and Vinyasa style classes, as this is what we focus on. But don’t worry, even seasoned yogis will be challenged in class once in a while.

I am travelling solo, is this retreat for me?

This retreat is for everyone. In fact, we welcome solo travellers especially as our retreat is the perfect place to depart on a personal journey. Many of our guests have come alone looking for space and personal expansion and left with unexpected but close bonds with like-minded people. After all, we all come here because we are in the search for something. Everybody has their own story and it is up to them whether they want to share it or keep it locked away. We’re here to support you with whatever you come here for and to help you along your personal path. Oh, and yes we can match you if you would like to book a share accommodation. With an open mind, you might make a new buddy for life.

How about a couple or family, are we at the right address?

Absolutely! We have had honeymooners, babymooners, wedding anniversaries, boy couples, girl couples, mum and 2 daughters, 3 sisters, 3 friends from 3 different corners of the globe on reunion…as you can see, we really do provide a platform for anyone who is looking to share a stimulating and nourishing experience together.

Do I pay a deposit or the full amount?

The full amount is due within 7 days of requesting a booking. Unfortunately, we cannot hold bookings any longer that that. To avoid extra labour (translating into extra cost for you) we don’t do deposit and chasing payment plans. However, if you do have any special circumstances, speak to us directly, as we’d love to help out where we can and understand that cash doesn’t always flow in the same direction as us. Please refer to our booking terms and conditions for more information.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Please contact us for a copy of our booking terms and conditions.

What else do I need to consider when travelling to Bali?

  • A full valid passport with at least 6 months validity and 6 free pages.
  • Travel insurance with medical and personal effects cover.
  • International driver’s license, especially if you want to rent a car or scooter. Local police will fine you if you cannot produce one.
  • Vaccinations, there are no entry requirements for vaccinations, however please consult your GP if you have any concerns.
  • Your medication if you take any. Please ensure you have enough of your medication with you to last during your stay and an extra 2 days, just in case. There are pharmacies around, however they may not stock what you need.
  • Visa on arrival (VOA) can be obtained on entry at the airport at a cost of US$35 and are valid for 30 days. It is recommended to have the money in USD, AUD or IDR before you depart, as there are no ATMs at arrival.
  • Departure tax of US$20 or 200,000IDR which will be payable at the airport before departure. Overstay penalties are charged at US$25 or 250,000IDR per day.
  • Bring your yoga mat if you wish to use your own. We'll provide all yoga equipment though, if you do not have a mat.
  • Bring sunscreen as it is relatively expensive in Bali and beware of whitening sun care products. While we try to tan, Indonesians aim to get whiter.
  • Mosquitoes are not a major problem, however there may be insects around at sunset.
  • In general, you can get anything you need locally, so don’t panic if you’ve forgotten something!
  • Respect the locals, the environment and don’t do anything silly!

What is different about this retreat?

We live what we preach. Seeing the bright smiley one-sad-eyed faces leaving our retreat is the biggest testament to the fact that it works. We share a passion for being well, while we all go through a period of change. This won’t be the only time you will experience this, but you will learn how to be aware when change is on the horizon and how to approach it with confidence and enjoyment rather than discomfort and apprehension. We know how to have fun, without stimulants and hypnosis. We make you fly! Words can’t describe it, come and experience!
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